Image by Kathryn Cramer Brown

When Mom left this world not long ago, the emotional upheaval and profound sense of loss and loneliness was something I had never experienced before. Five months later, I still find myself expecting her to round the corner or ask me to check out one of her new artistic creations. Both of those are cherished memories, but it’s too soon to say that they are happy memories.

One thing I’ve learned in my limited experience with grief, is that I have no idea if, or when, it will end or even lessen. But what I realized this morning after staring at the image above, one Mom created entitled, “Against a Wall,” is that the seeds of beauty flourish in the wall of our grief. And that with enough patience and love, eventually the wall will crumble to reveal a mirror that reflects what we’ve known but forgotten:

That the measure of our grief is the measure of our love. If we had not had the one, we could never fully appreciate the other.