Image by Kathryn Cramer Brown

One of the coolest things about my 76 year young Mom was the fact that she was always interested in learning new things. This is just one of thousands of abstract images she created with her iPad. And it all started when she bought one of the first generation iPhones. Yep, I’m proud to say that she was one of the early iPhone adopters.

When she got her first iPhone, I used to love watching her use a graphics app on her phone to create art. And then later when she moved her work to the iPad, her creativity went through the roof! Even though she had worked in most of the mediums, the iPad appealed to her because she could use her finger as a paint brush. And with her iPad she could create art whenever and wherever she wanted to.

Mom was on twitter. I went back and looked at her twitter page today. She had 65 followers and last tweeted one month before she left the world. I can’t help but feel really proud when I say that my 76 year young Mom was on twitter. I smile just thinking about it :0)

My point in all of this, is that one of the secrets to her joy-filled life was the fact that she was always looking for new things to learn and be interested in. And what made her even more special was her desire to share what she learned with other people. I remember all of the times she pulled someone aside to show them how she created art on her iPad, or shared something she’d read that could be helpful.

This morning I realized that, in the midst of my grieving these past two months, I have moved away from my interest in reading and learning. Frankly, mostly what I’ve wanted to do is heal from the loss. But with realization comes the opportunity to refocus. And so tonight before I go to bed, I think I’ll open up the kindle app on Mom’s iPad and read something from one of the many books she had in her library as a tribute to her.

And then I’ll give her a fist bump (she loved fist bumps) and thank her for the love of learning that she instilled in me.