If aerodynamics are what results from the motion of air as it interacts with a moving object, then I believe the AeroDynamics of Life are what results from the energy we create and allow into our lives.

When I was a student pilot, my flight instructor taught me about the four aerodynamic forces acting on an aircraft in flight: weight, drag, thrust and lift. And in life, it occurs to me that those same forces act on us as we move through the world:

* Weight: The negative energy we create, which holds us down
* Drag: The negative energy of the people around us, which holds us back
* Thrust: The positive energy of the people around us, which propels us forward
* Lift: The positive energy we create, which causes us to soar

Whether you’re flying an airplane or soaring toward a purpose-filled life, the formula is the same:

Increase your thrust and lift while reducing your weight and drag.