Image by Kathryn Cramer Brown

In his wonderful book of meditations entitled, “The Book of Awakening,” Mark Nepo quotes poet Kurtis Lamkin:

“Believing is all a child does for a living”

I’ve been thinking about that quote for the past couple of days as I move my life in a new direction. And it occurs to me that as adults we would do well to get back in touch with the child in us that had no other option but to believe.

As adults sometimes it can feel like we’re out of options: The money’s gone; or the job is gone. Maybe we just saw our spouse pack a suitcase and leave for good; or maybe we had to ask him to leave. Maybe we just lost a child; or maybe the doctor just gave us the bad news.

Whatever we face, belief is an island we can swim to in a storm. It’s a promise to ourselves that if we can just hold on a little longer, the sun will shine again. And it’s a refuge that we can offer to the people we love, the ones that may have forgotten their child-like ability to believe.

If we live long enough there will be moments when we need to take our loved ones by the hand and heart and say, “I love you and I believe in you. And you’ll get through this.” And there will be times in life when we see only one set of footprints in the sand and know that we’ve been carried. And sometimes those footprints will be ours.

Because that’s what life is about:

Believing in ourselves enough to hold on until the dark clouds become rainbows. And believing in others until they find the courage to believe in themselves.